Exterior Painting

What's on the outside matters.

Painting the exterior of any Greater Boston home is the greatest challenge of any house painter's skill set. Pairing our drastic New England climate changes with a unique combination of old and new houses is what makes exterior painting so challenging. 

Over the past ten years, we have painted hundreds of homes in the Greater Boston region. In turn, we have developed a wealth of knowledge on the various products, substrates, and prep techniques that allow us to deliver incredibly durable, yet beautiful finishes. 

On all of our exterior painting projects, we use industry-leading Festool sanding equipment. With this technology we are able to prepare your home with unparalleled craftsmanship. It gives our crews the ability to remain as efficient as possible and deliver consistent results on every project we take on. 

The Festool sanding equipment we use is dustless, where all sanding machines are attached to HEPA filtered vacuums.  These sanders are actually the only sanding equipment that is certified by the EPA to be used on lead based paint renovations. We are committed to keeping not only our employees safe, but you and your family, and the environment.  

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