It's About Trust, Expectations and Results

I’ve been involved in the painting trade ever since I was a young kid. I spent my time as a teen, learning the trade from the inside out by starting at the bottom and working my way to running jobs as a foreman. Upon graduating from Umass-Lowell with a business management degree, I decided whole heartedly to create Big Dog Painting and I’ve never looked back. 

For me, there is something incredibly gratifying when we walk into a project that is extremely worn or tired looking and when our work is done it's magazine worthy. The tangible transformation process is what truly keeps me and everyone involved motivated to consistently deliver a fantastic product. 

I have yet to meet a client with a higher expectation than my own. I’ve built my company on referrals, and I take an incredible amount of pride in everything we do. 

My business philosophy is really pretty simple: I try to surround myself with good people and deliver a fantastic product. I figure if I can manage that, the rest will fall into place. 

I appreciate your consideration,

Graeme Clohosey

Owner, Big Dog Painting 


I’ve lived in my house for 26 years and have had it painted several times. Big Dog Painting did an incredible job! Outstanding preparation and attention to detail. Far exceeded my expectations! Thanks Graeme!
— Marti Copeland